Pilmuir Holdings Group

Pilmuir Holdings Group are one of the largest suppliers of fresh produce in Scotland and consists of various sub comapnies that concentrate on particular aspects of the business i.e wholesale fruit and vegetables, wholesale pre packaged salads, wholesale coffee beans etc

The Brief

Alastair Bokla of Pilmuir Holdings Group informed us they already had an existing company identity and logo and could we do something that was typical of the business card we were handed. It was also requested that initially we should create this site as an overview of the entire group of companies. We analysed the market and indicated that although we could have some success on a geographical market, it was unlikely that given the relatively small scale of the website that it would rank well for a broad spectrum of terms without individual sites targetting vaiation of keywords for that particular business.

The Development

We concentrated on the existing company image and core busness activities and coded to the strengths of a few well defined terms that we knew were searched for and concentrated on these. We also added a custom built blog with admin backend that Pilmuir could keep updated that dynamically changed the page titles etc depending what was entered into the database. This in effect gave them the opportunity to add their own pages to the website concentrating on a particular element of the business and tied it to their location.

The Result

The final result of all this was that for a relatively small site in terms of number of words / pages we managed to optimise the content to some of the keywords we both felt were applicable to the group and could bring the maximum amount of benefit and exposure. We also found that our custom written dynamic blogging system had the desired effect and worked as planned. Here are some of the targetted phrases and relative position we achieved in Google UK.

Search Term Position in Google
glasgow wholesale vegetable suppliers 1st & 2nd in the natural search results in Google UK
glasgow wholesale fruit suppliers 3rd, 4th & 5th in the natural search results in Google UK
glasgow vegetable suppliers 6th & 7th in the natural search results in Google UK
glasgow fruit suppliers 4th & 5th each position occupied by the correct pages for each business arm.
glasgow catering specialists 2nd in the natural search results in Google UK for McDonald Murdoch page which is the catering business.
glasgow wholesale coffee suppliers 2nd place for a blog post which was dynamically created from a database and automatically SEO optimised which was added by the customer.
glasgow italian coffee beans 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th in Google UK
lanarkshire italian coffee beans 1st & 2nd in Google UK
glasgow wholesale salad supplier 1st & 2nd in Google UK
lanarkshire wholesale salad supplier 4th & 5th in Google UK
glasgow salad supplier 1st in Google UK
glasgow tomato supplier 1st in Google UK
glasgow fresh herb supplier 2nd in Google UK

The list goes on, we felt we achieved our objectives for the site - we also delivered a system that could be added to by the customer that we proved worked from an SEO point of view and the client was more than happy with the outcome as shown by the testimonial at the right hand side.

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