SEO Terms & Conditions Search Engine Optimisation


1. Scope

When using Select Webdesigns search engine optimisation service, the customer is aware that search engine optimisation of any website is not an exact science. Google and other search engine providers decide how and where your website will be listed in the search engine results and that the formula or "algorithm" used by these companies is not public knowledge i.e Only Google know "how" your page will rank.

Furthermore, the customer should also be made aware that this "algorithm" can be change by Google and other search providers at any time and as such when taking out this service it is under the understanding that we offer no guaranteed increase in traffic will take place.

2. Select Webdesign's Warranty

We can only provide SEO of websites to the best of our ability using industry knowledge gained over a number years and cannot promise 1st place in Google etc In fact, if we feel that SEO optimisation is impossible for a given term we will tell you in an honest and frank manner.

However, we will optimise the site to the best of our ability, submit to all relevant search engines, advise or make changes to the wording or meta tags, page titles etc contained within the website or provide other advice with regard to SEO without warranty.